Metal Holes, Vinyl Windows (gcp) part 5

Installing the windows made for an incredible transformation to my container.  It went from being a metal box with some rough cut holes in it to being something that resembled some sort of dwelling or structure.

The installation went quick for the windows.  Well, kinda quick.  Actually two windows installed without a glitch and the other two took some wrangling.  One of the window holes I slightly miscalculated and had to re-cut the top of the hole, it was the left triangle shaped window.  The second tough window was the only vinyl nail-on type window of the bunch.  That window was a beast in size and in weight.  That hole too had to be re-cut, re-framed, done, undone and redone again.  I’m still battling that window now!!!

The skylights took some deep thinking to figure out how to deal with a rippling roof that looks like swells on a calm ocean.  Also there’s the issue of corrugation and what to do with that, meaning how to seal the skylight to the roof.  My nephew and expert builder came to the rescue on that hurdle.  He devised a way that the skylights were floated off the roof by way of a wooden sandwich stemming from the ceiling joists.  That netted a flat foot print for the skylight to sit on about an inch above the existing roof.  The only downside of that solution is a flashing and caulking nightmare down the road.

The vinyl windows are recycled.  I purchased them for pennies on the dollar at a store called ‘The ReStore”.  All sales benefit the Habitat for Humanity.  And all items in the store have been donated by contractors, home remodelers, etc.  They have  a great selection of vinyl windows.  And buying there contributes to a great cause.  Overall the windows were in excellent shape too!

Anyways the windows and skylights are a snug fit in their new metal environment.


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