Wood for Metal. (gcp) part 4

Sorry for the delay in Container Postings.  It’s been a wild and crazy ride.

I slightly underestimated my container construction schedule.  I first estimated 10 days.  Then I told my wife

it might be a few more than that.  Next I doubled the estimated time of completion.  Now I’ve had to triple my original

estimate.  I’m hoping we can cap it there!  As for claiming a completion date I’m remaining silent.  For my family I don’t think it will be soon enough.  Except Ian.  He looks forward to building with Dad when ever possible.

Over the next week I’ll be updating more often to catch up to where I’m at in the process now.  It’s looking good and taking shape.

For todays entry we’ll focus on the basics.  The images show the wooden framing that will become the backbone of all my future construction on the container.

The wooden studs will tie the windows to the metal siding, provide space for good insulation and support the finished walls which are drywall on one side and a lovely recycled set wall on the other.

I debated using metal studs instead of wood.  They’re greener in a way.  Easier to recycle and re-use.  But in the end I decided that wood was stronger for the purpose of tying in windows, skylights, etc.  I also looked into recycled lumber.  That proved to be difficult too.  The sources I contacted carried old lumber but it was more finish wood and old growth.  All of it beautiful, expensive and something you wouldn’t want to smother in fiberglass.  So the obvious choice became fresh lumber from the local supplier.

I also tried hard to cut down on the amount of wood I used.  Wall studs are spaced 23 inches apart instead of 16 inches.  The ceiling has joists/studs only where they’re needed to tie in the skylights.  Ceiling insulation is a bubble wrap material that will staple to the minimal beams.  Fiberglass insulation would require additional beams to staple the fiberglass to.

At this point I was sailing along and my 10 day goal looked vaguely realistic.

Enjoy the pics and I’ll have more soon.




2 Responses to “Wood for Metal. (gcp) part 4”

  1. John Grounds Says:

    Triple the schedule estimate? If you can wind-up over budget by the same amount you’ll be qualified to be an architect.

    • planetmoore Says:

      Wow! I wish I would have known this earlier. It’s getting kinda late in the project to run over by 3x. Seems like and cheap and easy way to become a qualified architect!

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