Better to be Late. (gcp) part 3

Window Holes:

The welders were scheduled to show up at 9am.  Or should I say the plasma cutters?

It was 11:30 and I was scrambling to finalize and mark window positions.  Much to my relief the welders still hadn’t arrived.

By noon I got a frantic phone call and the welder admitted that he had forgotten about the appointment.  Something to do with a late night…  I didn’t ask anymore questions after that.

I took the opportunity to push him off until 3pm.  That turned into 4pm and by the time he coerced his plasma cutter into working it was getting late!

His air compressor was like ‘The Little Engine That Could’.  It was belching smoke and groaning at ear splitting decibels.  I visualized it chugging and saying, ‘I think I can.  I think I can!’ I just wanted the holes DONE!!!

All in all the day worked out great.  Everything just took twice as long as I had planned on.

At the moment framing is in progress.  More on that in a couple days.


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