Off to the Races. (gcp) part 2

The container has arrived and I’m off to the races.  My goal is to have the container completed and ready to move my office into within 10 days of delivery.  Today is day number 6.  By end of day 7 I’m hoping to have the windows, skylights and insulation installed.

The images in this post are from day 1-2.  Next post will be days 3-5.

So far things have gone smoothly and I’m on schedule.  I attribute that to planning and prepping.

Once the container was dropped I had to build the planter first.  The Arizona Cypress I found were old and when the nursery pulled the plants for delivery they had to sever the root system  between pot and ground.  So it was urgent that the plants be put into healthy moist soil ASAP.

Next was leveling the container and pushing it into place.  I used a single 4 ton bottle jack and became one with the Egyptians.

Next post you’ll see the welders in action and how the door, windows and skylights play out.

The images in this post are all frame grabs from my Canon cameras.  I’m documenting the process in video so I can create a mini-documentary after completion.

This project is a blast!


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