Inspiration can be something different for everyone.  I love motorcycles and riding.  I thought, ‘cool I get to shoot the Jager Freestyle Team, this will be fun!’  I shot them practicing for the next nights event.  It was pretty much business as usual.  The guys pump each other up, do some wheelies, test jumps and then they begin rolling out the bigger tricks.  One of the guys (won’t mention names…) jumped short and bounced off the top of the ramp and endowed into the dirt about 12 feet below.  Everyone raced over to check on him and of course in badass style he swaggered to his feet and brushed it off like no big deal.  What inspired me about this was the team manager rushing his bike off to be repaired so that the rider could hop back on and do it again.  He had over-reved on take off for his back flip, or something like that?  Anyways long story short the team picked him back up, recharged his confidence and sent him on his way.  This guy at that moment was pure inspiration.  Of course he hit it again and nailed it!

Eric, Cowboy Kenny, Thomas and Dan

Eric, Cowboy Kenny, Thomas and Dan

Kenny and Eric.


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